The Mennonite College of Nursing (MCN) celebrated the accelerated B.S.N. and RN-B.S.N. students who completed their programs in August at a reception August 9 at the Bone Student Center.

Michael Gnidovec'

Michael Gnidovec

This summer, 13 students graduated from the accelerated B.S.N. option and 16 students graduated from the RN-B.S.N. sequence. “I am so proud of all of our graduates,” Dean Janet Krejci said. “The accelerated B.S.N. option is a rigorous 15-month program, and students who enroll have to be dedicated to the intense schedule and curriculum. The online RN-B.S.N. program is more flexible, since many of our students have to continue to work while talking courses.”

Jamie Penrod, RN-B.S.N. faculty, and Dianne Clemens, an accelerated B.S.N. faculty member, spoke about each of the programs and all of the accomplishments the students have achieved.

Michael Gnidovec spoke for the RN-B.S.N. class. “I just wish to thank all of the teachers in the RN-B.S.N. program along with all of the MCN staff in all other programs for what it is that you did for me as well as for all of those

Teresa Boyle

Teresa Boyle

who are fortunate to attend this program of advanced study,” Gnidovec said. “Without you, my fellow classmates and I would not be where we are today—professional nurses looking to make the world a better place!”

Teresa Boyle spoke for the accelerated B.S.N. cohort. “When I spoke with my classmates and asked them what was most memorable about the program, they all spoke of how dedicated and enthusiastic our teachers have been towards nursing and helping us prepare to become ‘real’ nurses,” Boyle said. “Our faculty dragged us kicking and screaming through lab days, priority questions, and the dreaded ATI exams, knowing that even if we didn’t appreciate it at the time, we were going to be better nurses because of it.”