The start of the semester may find you in a new living space, whether it be your first apartment, a new residence hall or a different floor.

Wherever you are living this year, make sure you are a considerate resident and neighbor to those in your community. Be a respectful Redbird and get the most out of your Redbird life:

— Damaging property is unsightly and can be costly. In some cases when you break it, everyone buys it. Respect your neighbors and surrounding by not causing intentional damage.

— Help keep your living space and campus clean by not littering. Trash bins and recycling containers are conveniently located indoors and out.

— Just say no to fighting. Inevitably, you’ll disagree with someone at some point. Calmly talk about your differences or walk away. Violence is never okay and is against the Student Code of Conduct.

— Keep the volume down. Not everyone may share your night owl tendencies or musical choices. Be courteous to those living near you and keep the volume down.

— Watch out for others. Observe the buddy system and don’t let friends walk places alone, especially at night. SafeWalk walking escorts are available to get to and from campus locations.

About Don’t Go Nuts!

Don’t Go Nuts! is a campaign created in coordination with the Health Promotion and Wellness Student Advisory Board, the Student Government Association, and Health Promotion and Wellness.

More information on Don’t Go Nuts is available online.

About Health Promotion and Wellness

Health Promotion and Wellness provides wellness information, services, and programming to students, faculty, staff, and the Illinois State community. People living, learning, and working in a healthy environment are more likely to reach their highest potential.

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