Scott Guerrero ’10 was the first of six children to go to college. He was awarded a scholarship that allowed him to double major in music education and Spanish. He hoped to become a choral conductor when he graduated in May 2010.

But it was a tough market for music education majors so he was grateful to land a job at Illinois State, where he works in financial aid as a bilingual advisor while he pursues his master’s.

“I am very happy with where I am,” he said. “I am constantly growing from new experiences and I believe I can still learn a great deal from being at Illinois State.”

His involvement in campus ministries and the Illinois State Choir allowed him to tour Ecuador, France, and Spain. In France he performed in the Notre Dame Cathedral with the Illinois State Concert Choir.  He still plans on pursuing his passion for music.

“One of my favorite places to be, whether it is on campus or in church, is in front of a piano,” he said.