“I have been working at Northwestern Memorial Hospital on the stem cell transplant unit and absolutely love it. Our patients range from as young as 18 years old all the way to 90, although the majority of patients are between 20–40 years old. I am chemotherapy certified, and I would also like to become stem cell certified and get my oncology nursing certification.

I knew I always wanted to work with patients with cancer, and I feel so blessed to have found an area that allows me to do so. I recently signed up to become a pain expert nurse, so I will be learning more in terms of palliative care/pain management.

It is so amazing that there is so much to know, and I learn something new every single day I work. One of the things I love about working with this population, besides the patients’ spirits, is that each patient’s situation is unique. So many different organs and body functions are affected, and all body systems are involved.

I take everything that I learned at the Mennonite College of Nursing and try to apply it. I still go back to my class notes from time to time because the way my professors were able to explain things makes so much more sense!

I feel so blessed to have had the privilege to go to Illinois State University for nursing.”


One thought on “STATE your Compassion: Working with cancer patients

  1. Lynn Canal Kennell says:

    So good to hear of your accomplishments, Megan. I am sure that your patients benefit from your compassionate and competent care!!