Here’s an update on which tablet computers are compatible with Cayuse, Illinois State’s grants tracking and approval system.

At great expense and risk to life and limb (or not so much), Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP) has tested several tablet computing configurations for their compatibility with Cayuse. The results:

  • Windows tablets running Internet Explorer are compatible with Cayuse. We did not test a Windows phone. Any volunteers?
  • Android tablets and phones running Firefox may be compatible with Cayuse, depending on the OS version and any manufacturer’s modifications.
  • Apple iOS devices running Safari (all other iOS browsers currently are front-ends for Safari) are still not compatible with Cayuse.

Please note that most of these devices can be used to log into and view proposals in Cayuse. Most smartphones and tablets are capable of viewing PDF files and therefore proposal attachments.

The functionality that is limited is the ability to edit, upload attachments to, and approve a proposal. If you are having difficulty working with proposal, even on a desktop or laptop, please check that you are using either Internet Explorer or Firefox. More information about working in Cayuse can be found on the Cayuse page on the RSP website.

If you have questions, please contact us at (309) 438-2528 or