Congratulations to Devon Hartwig, a philosophy major and women’s and gender studies minor, who has been accepted to Loyola University Chicago for fall 2014. Hartwig will be pursuing a dual master’s degree in social work and in social justice and community development.

What have you most enjoyed about ISU?

I have most enjoyed the wonderful friends I have made and the education that I have gained while at Illinois State. In my time here I was able to discover my passions in life and gain tools so that I can pursue those passions after graduation. I have always wanted to change the world as corny as it sounds, and now I feel much more well equipped to do that!

What projects have you been working on with David Anderson?

I have been a teaching assistant for Professor Anderson for his Meaning and Religious Belief class for two semesters now. I grade students’ daily assignments.

What other projects/activities have you been involved with at ISU?

I have been an Admissions ambassador for the University for over a year now. I have been involved in various clubs on campus. I also was a preview guide last summer.

What are your career goals?

Eventually, I would like to teach at the collegiate level as well as run a shelter for families dealing with crisis that provides unique and innovative programs and spiritual, emotional, and practical support.

If you could only have one philosophy book, what would it be?

The Apology by Plato. Pretty much anything having to do with Socrates, he is my favorite gadfly.

What do you think you have gained from being a philosophy major and women’s studies minor?

I think I have gained excellent critical reading, writing, and problem-solving skills that will help me succeed in graduate school as well as in my future career whatever it may be. Most importantly however, I think I have gained an immense amount of perspective from my teachers and peers about the world around me and those who inhabit it. I feel blessed to have been a part of so many stirring class discussions and debates that have left me a more enlightened and aware individual.

Both programs have inspired me to always be taking notice of the world around me and to be looking for ways to improve myself and my community.  I know I will graduate from this university feeling inspired to change the world with all the ammo to do so!