Adrienne Boni came to Illinois State because of the University’s outstanding music therapy program—and because of the welcoming feeling she got when she visited campus.

That feeling was bolstered by the financial support she received through scholarships. Adrienne was awarded the Rose Presidential Scholarship in 2012 and the Bolen Music Faculty Scholarship in 2013.

When Adrienne is not in class, she is often found on the hiking trial, at a campground, or working out. Adrienne also loves to travel and is very passionate about the environment and animal rights.

Here’s Why Your Gift Matters to Adrienne, in her own words:

What impact has the scholarship had on your life?

 My scholarship has had a very specific impact on my life. At that time, I was invited to participate in a chamber music institute in Bulgaria. I knew it would be an amazing opportunity for my musical education, but it would cost a lot of money for flight and housing. That same week, I received a phone call informing me I had been chosen to receive a scholarship which was right around the amount of money I would need for the trip. That scholarship unexpectedly allowed me the opportunity to have this incredible experience playing music overseas.

What do you hope to do after you graduate?

After I graduate, I hope to pass my board certification exam and earn a job as a music therapist. Right now I am interested in working in the hospice setting. I also hope to keep playing cello for various concerts, shows, and events, as well as continue teaching cello lessons.

How prepared do you feel going into the working world?

I feel that my education at Illinois State has prepared me very well. Besides curriculum, I have had many opportunities for leadership in student organizations that have given me valuable experience. I have heard that Illinois State music therapy graduates are valued at certain businesses for their preparedness.

What would you say to those whose contributions funded your scholarship?

I would say that you never know the impact even a small contribution can make, and that the contributions to my scholarship made a huge impact! So I would say “thank you” endlessly for the opportunities my scholarship provided.

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