We all take a different path to our passion.

After Illinois State alumna Susan Bock’s son graduated from college, she decided that it was time for her to go back to pursue her passion for music. In 2005, Bock completed her bachelor’s degree in music therapy, and then in 2006 she graduated with her master’s in the same field.

Bock is now a music therapist at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center in the Eating Disorders Partial Hospitalization Program. She is also an on-site supervisor for a music therapy practicum student from Illinois State.

Here’s Why My Gift Matters, in Bock’s own words:

What motivated you to give to Illinois State?

I wanted to make sure that Illinois State was able to continue to offer the quality of education that I received when I was a student there.

Why did you decide to give to the College of Fine Arts?

 Because that is the area of campus that had the biggest impact on me, and I want to make sure that it has the opportunity to continue to have that impact on students to come.

What impact has Illinois State had on your life?

Illinois State not only allowed me to pursue my passion for music therapy but also kept that passion ignited. The amazing instructors were inspirational and kept me interested in my course work.

What would you say to ISU students now?

To make the most of your time at Illinois State. Remember that all of the required courses that feel like they won’t matter in the “real world” will matter! It is Important to take away as much as you can from all of your classes.

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