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My Gift Matters: Touched by the Quad’s beauty

Brett Arseneault

Business alumnus Brett Arseneault.

Brett Arseneault ’78, a College of Business alumnus, started his own business when he discovered a passion for photography.

The skills he gained as a business student at Illinois State helped him to blend his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for photography. Brett transforms his photography into keepsakes made out of stone.

Brett’s love for photography and the natural beauty of his surroundings is part of what led him to give back to Illinois State. He enjoys taking photos of the beautiful campus landscapes that the University offers. Brett’s appreciation for the hard work that goes into maintaining the Quad and Horticulture Center encourages him to give back every year.

Here’s why Brett, who is also a loan review officer at a Bloomington-based bank, gives back to his alma mater, in his own words.

What motivated you to give to Illinois State?

 Giving back to Illinois State has just been something I have done for years now. Illinois State really opened doors for me, and I am honored to help out in any way I can.

Why did you decide to give to the Horticulture Center?

One day I was on a bike ride through the Quad and noticed that it was looking even better than normal and that someone must be putting in a lot of hard work to make it look so nice. Ever since then I have made it a tradition to give to the Horticulture Center, another beautiful part of campus. I also intend to support Fell Arboretum, the 490-acre site that includes the tree-lined Quad.

What impact has Illinois State University had on your life?

My passion is photography, and I have recently started my own small business around that passion. I know the business skills I got way back when are still invested in me enough to be successful. Getting a business degree at ISU also allowed me to get a job right after graduation, which has led to a great career in banking.

What would you say to ISU students now?

Find your creativity. I believe that everyone has some great creative ability inside of them. They just have to find it! Pursuing that creativity can be a great outlet from the everyday stresses of the life as a college student.

Also, remember that wherever you work, you’re self-employed, i.e. you are solely responsible for the success or failure of your position.

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