Mail to the Illinois State magazine editor for November 2013.

To the Editor,

Thank you for the wonderful article on Hazle Buck Ewing and Ewing Manor (August 2013). I was pleasantly surprised to read the part about Mrs. Ewing giving permission to use her tennis courts at what was then called Sunset Hill.

During my residency at Smith Hall, Dean Linkins asked me to be the greeter when Mrs. Ewing came to that beautiful home and gardens. She always arrived in her limousine, dressed to the nines and helped out by her chauffeur.

He would escort her up the long walk to our door and I would assist her inside to where she would be visiting each time. It might have been a piano recital, lecture, or lessons in proper etiquette. Many will recall Dean Linkins’ passion for proper etiquette ‘for the boys.’

After her visit, I would escort her to her car. She was always an interesting conversationalist. One of the first times with her, she quizzed me about smoking and then said ‘You may use my tennis courts at any time, provided you use the can to discard the butts.’ I felt very privileged, not knowing that she apparently did the same for many folks.

Mrs. Ewing’s life and living in the manor has always fascinated me. It’s time now to revisit the online material and do a personal visit to the house.

Don Lindquist ’63

Carl Thacker (“Inside Look: Instrument Repair Shop,” August 2013) is a master craftsman. I’ve seen him do some amazing things. He can make an instrument look brand new after years of neglect.

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Jim Fraley ’85

Great job Larry and Patrick (“Teacher’s Aide,” August 2013)! This was a wonderful story and your family’s commitment to teachers has served you well. May God continue to bless all you put your hands to.

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Donald Lawson ’80