Illinois State’s student-run television station, TV-10, broadcast its first live newscast on March 4, 1974. From that historic moment to today, TV-10 has helped launch the careers of broadcasters, producers, and journalists across the country.

Currently housed in the lower level of Fell Hall, TV-10 has given students hands-on training for 40 years. The station has evolved to keep pace with the changing industry.

Images are no longer shown on black and white film, which is just one of many ways technology has revolutionized production. Viewers can find content online as well as on television screens.

Current news director Laura Trendle Polus knows that despite such advances, much remains unchanged at the station that broadcasts midday Monday through Friday.

“TV-10 started as a working newsroom with practice space to help students prepare for the real world, and that hasn’t changed,” Polus said. “Technology has evolved, programming has evolved, but much is still the same.”

Students work as reporters, anchors, producers, photographers, writers and editors. Graduates can be found in TV markets across Illinois and around the country, with some working at the network level for CNN and Fox News.

Because TV-10 helps students hone skills that are critical in any profession, it isn’t hard to find station alumni working in fields that range from preschool teachers to pastors.

To help celebrate the long legacy of student achievement and involvement, the station is hosting a reunion on campus March 21-22, 2014.

For details on 40th anniversary events and how to register, contact Alumni Relations at (309) 438-2586. Information is also available online at