Fifteen Campus Dining Services student employees were named Superstars in December. Superstar Awards recognize student staff members who demonstrate superior performance in the areas of customer service, leadership, and work excellence. Students may be recognized and receive the Superstar Award for any one area or be recognized for the All-Around Superstar Award, indicating superior performance in all three areas.

The award is given one to two times per semester. In December, the following students were honored:

Watterson Dining Commons
—Brian Blazek, All-Around
—Molly Fogel, Work Excellence
—Alex Murguia, Work Excellence
—Patrick Schmidt, All-Around

Marketplace at Linkins

—Frank LiMandri, Customer Service
—Sam Michael, All-Around
—Brittany Patrick, Leadership
—Emily Quirarte, All-Around
—Matt Seymour, Work Excellence

Burger King
—Patrick Evans, All-Around
—Genna Logue, All-Around

McAlister’s Deli
—Lindsay Boten, All-Around
—Lishia Pointer, All-Around

—Janet Delgado, All-Around
—Caroline Moss, Work Excellence

Superstars are nominated by full-time staff as well as student managers, and nominations are reviewed by a committee. Campus Dining Services employs more than 850 student workers, so it is quite an honor to be nominated and selected a Superstar. Recipients receive a certificate and additional recognition, including a star pin to designate them as a Superstar. Awards are scheduled to be given in March and May 2014.

2 thoughts on “Campus Dining recognizes 15 student employees as Superstars

  1. Roy Gesell says:

    It brings back memories of washing dishes in Dunn Hall in 1957, cleaning pots and pans as part of a three person crew in Walker Hall in 1957-58, and finally as a pan washer and dryer every weeknight and Sunday noon in Fell Hall 1958-59. Also, I subbed as
    a table cleaner.

  2. Becky Meier says:

    Congratulations to the Campus Dining Superstars!!!