Welcome to the inaugural edition of the College of Education’s electronic version of The Statewide Standard. This new paperless medium enables us to be better stewards of our resources and to lessen the environmental impact of our communications. It is also designed to deliver you the latest developments taking place in the college and the field that impact you, our colleagues and alumni.

This issue discusses how Illinois State is preparing teacher candidates to engage students in learning in the wake of the edTPA and changes to teacher evaluation. The edTPA is a new performance assessment for the field that will soon serve as a gateway into the profession in many states, including Illinois. As you will read, the University took on a leadership role by serving as both a model institution for implementation in Illinois and an influential voice during revisions to the assessment.

We also share how we have incorporated components of the Danielson Framework into our student teaching programs. This work aligns with our goal of maintaining high expectations for teacher candidates and preparing them for the responsibilities of being a professional educator.

Finally, say “aloha” to Matthew Lawrence ’00, an Illinois State graduate and National Board Certified Teacher who won the 2013-2014 Teacher of the Year award for the state of Hawaii.

We hope you enjoy all of the content in this edition of The Statewide Standard. If you have any comments about this issue or suggestions for future issues, please contact me at pschoon@IllinoisState.edu or (309) 438-2453.


Perry L. Schoon, Dean
College of Education

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  1. Allyn T Lambes says:

    Tah kanas Navikas. I am Nicholas Thomas Lambesis! Not a graduate of ISU, but of University High School 1960 under the name of Allyn Thomas Lambes. I chose the military rather than University education. Just wanted to verify something you should know by now:; you have aligned yourself with an excellent university! I wish you the best!