In an effort to better prepare the university population for a campus emergency, Environmental Health and Safety, in collaboration with the University Police Department, has developed a two-pronged approach to providing emergency response education and practical guidance across the campus.

First, all classrooms, shops, and labs have been equipped with flip chart-style emergency guides that are designed to provide basic guidance to faculty, staff, and students on what to do in response to 12 different types of emergency scenarios.

Secondly, a one-hour exercise has been developed that focuses on departmental emergency preparedness. In this exercise, standard ISU Emergency Alerts are discussed with basic expected response actions for each. The bulk of the exercise is an interactive discussion of how those in attendance would specifically react to varying emergency situations described by the facilitators, University Police Chief Aaron Woodruff and University Emergency Manager Eric Hodges.

Both of these initiatives are designed to communicate critical emergency response measures that are outlined on the Campus Safety and Security website. Departments interested in getting an emergency guide or scheduling emergency preparedness training should contact Environmental Health and Safety at or (309) 438-8325.