Do you have questions or concerns about your off-campus living? Our off-campus ambassadors—Marc Ashford, Ashley Blain, Christina Fontenelle, and Anthony Greer—can help!

Off-campus ambassadors are student-workers through Student and Community Outreach who live off campus and engage with students who also live off campus. They spread information that is helpful for students and keep those living off campus up-to-date.

In the fall semester, the four ambassadors shared information about Halloween safety, holiday break tips, the I Am Normal campaign, Off-Campus 101 sessions, and general information about Off-Campus Services. With about 10,000 off-campus students, it is increasingly important for them to receive information. The program was started so that the ambassadors could share their off-campus experiences and give advice to fellow students.

“Not only do we provide information on finding good off-campus housing but also information on how to be safe in different situations,” senior Anthony Greer said. “Our job is to make sure off-campus students are living comfortably and well.”

Student ambassadors travel door to door, place information in mailboxes, and do everything they can to reach out to students.

You can visit Illinois State Off-Campus Services Facebook page to learn more about off campus living and stay up-to-date with the student ambassadors. If you want to schedule a presentation by a student ambassador for a registered student organization (RSO) meeting or a class regarding signing leases, apartment searching, or other off-campus topics, email Student and Community Outreach.