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Introducing Illinois State’s new student information system

LEAPForward selects SIS logo

Oracle’s PeopleSoft Campus Solutions has been selected.

LEAPForward is pleased to announce the selection of Oracle’s PeopleSoft Campus Solutions as the new Illinois State University student information system.

Since the LEAPForward Initiative began in December 2011, more than 2,500 campuswide participants, including a senior leadership steering team, logged over 35,000 hours in support of this effort. As we transition from planning to implementation, the LEAPForward team wants to once again express its gratitude for the hard work and determination of all those who participated.

The new student information system will replace the aging technology systems at Illinois State and allow for ease of reporting and analyzing data. The benefits of this upgrade will enable information integration throughout the entire campus; reduce duplication between departments; and allow faculty, students, and staff a chance to complete tasks in a more rapid time. This necessary change will allow Illinois State University to maintain its competitive advantage.

The LEAPForward Initiative will impact all members of the campus community. Faculty will have better access to student information, class rosters, and teaching schedules. Staff will benefit from real-time reporting of information, streamlining processes, and access to student information. Students will see major improvements on the way they access information from all aspects, including admissions, registration, housing and dining, academic history, and financial aid.

For additional information on LEAPForward, visit the Initiative’s website.