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U-High hosts Corn Belt Math Conference

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The University High School Math Department hosted the 2013 Corn Belt Math Conference on November 8 at the Illinois State University Alumni Center.

The conference brought together math teachers from the community, the Regional Office of Education, and Illinois State University to work together on best practice methodology for Common Core standards. In addition to the Corn Belt conference schools, Illinois Valley Central High School faculty also attended.

Carly Morales, from the Regional Office of Education, led a discussion about Common Core state standards, the upcoming standardized testing component, and the Illinois State Board of Education model math curriculum so all participants would have an overview of information in regards to the standards and assessment.

David Barker, associate professor of mathematics at Illinois State, facilitated a session to investigate the strategies teachers can employ to teach in a manner consistent with the mathematical practice standards.

Toward the end of the session, participants divided into subject specific groups to discuss strategies learned during the conference and how to implement those strategies in the classroom.

The Corn Belt conference consists of eight area schools that compete in extracurricular activities and also meet regularly to provide professional development for teachers.

Learn more about the conference on the University High School website.