Nichole Brants, an ACED Fellow in sociology, serves with the McLean County Domestic Violence Multidisciplinary Team as part of her master’s program.

For her professional practice, Brants gathers data for grants, attends case review meetings, and maintains partner relations. She also helped plan an event for Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

“I’m really looking forward to what this internship has to offer, and I hope to grow in my position here,” Brants said. “It would take me much longer than the time I have to learn everything there is to know about domestic violence, but I’m hoping to come away with a better understanding of the issues and the impact of community services.”

Brants earned her bachelor’s degree in history from Monmouth College. After volunteering in various ways at Monmouth, Brants wanted to immerse herself fully in the volunteer experience.

Through the AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps in the Pacific region, she focused on urban and rural development, education, and the environment. She continued as an AmeriCorps response coordinator with the Red Cross in Springfield.

As an AmeriCorps alum, she is passionate about many areas of public service and well-being, and has completed projects relating to food injustice, conservation, and animal welfare.

Equipped with a master’s degree, an open mind, and a history of service, Brants plans to pursue a career in the public sector.