Illinois State University’s Student Counseling Services will kick off the Be-You{tiful} campaign beginning Tuesday, Feb. 25. Highlighting this year’s campaign is an art show.

“The Be-You{tiful} campaign is about recognizing the joy of simply being yourself  instead of striving for unrealistic standards of beauty and attractiveness,” said Jenni Thome of Student Counseling Services.

The campaign is part of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, which seeks to prevent eating disorders and body image issues while reducing the stigma surrounding eating disorders and improving access to treatment.

The Be-You{tiful} Art Show will feature a variety of works dealing with media representations of the body and the cultural norms of beauty from area college and university students. The exhibit begins Tuesday, Feb. 25, and will run until Thursday, March 13 at University Galleries.

For more information, call Student Counseling Services at 438-3655.