The Fiscal Year 2015 appropriation hearings for Illinois State University are set to begin Thursday, March 6, in the Illinois Senate. (Live audio will be available.)

At that time Illinois State leaders will formally present the University’s budget, share institutional news, and take questions from Senate appropriations committee members. Governor Pat Quinn’s March 26 budget address will further outline what the University may expect for a general funds appropriation. The Illinois House of Representatives will hold hearings after that address. The final appropriation will be announced after the legislature is scheduled to adjourn on May 31.

In preparation for the hearings, the Budget Office prepared and submitted the annual Illinois State Legislature (ISL) forms. The package contains extensive reports on topics such as institutional operations, including revenues and expenses; FY 2015 budget plans; personnel staffing information; and capital projects. The ISL forms are sent to the General Assembly through appropriations staff prior to the hearings.

The Budget Office thanks those who helped by providing the data aiding form completion.

Departmental budget planning to begin soon

Area administrators and department directors will soon receive information regarding Build Your Budget, the exercise of establishing personnel and operating budgets for FY 2015.

Training for new users will be offered in late April or early May. Those who participated last year are also welcome to attend. Information regarding training will be emailed soon to authorized budget administrators. Shortly after the training is complete, the exercise will be opened to a live environment where Budget Office staff will take questions and provide further guidance.

Area administrators and department directors will be notified of Build Your Budget opening and closing dates once they are finalized.