Because of Greg Alt’s appointment as the division’s interim vice president, several changes to the Comptroller’s office structure went into effect March 1, 2014.

The department is responsible for the oversight of financial transactions, reporting, and compliance, as well as managing the University’s banking and debt financing activities. Comptroller personnel regularly engage with the entire campus and would like others to be aware of the following contacts and responsibilities:

  • JoEllen Bahnsen, senior associate comptroller, will assume administrative oversight for eCommerce, Redbird Card Office and Cash Investments. Responsibilities for audit, financial, debt and other related compliance will fall under her direction. She will assume Comptroller responsibilities for fiscal policy as well.
  • Doug Schnittker, interim associate comptroller, will assume administrative oversight for the Assistant Comptroller and reporting units, Payroll, and Risk Management.
  • Jeff Jacob will take on oversight for tax compliance issues and assume Comptroller responsibility for IRS 403(b) and additional tax related audit issues.

Download the new Comptroller’s office organizational chart.