The second half of the semester always goes fast as projects pile up and finals loom. If you’re feeling frazzled, get PAWSitively Stress Free at Milner Library with certified therapy dogs April 2, May 5, and May 6. Health Promotion and Welless and Milner Library partner with the Town & Country Kennel Club to bring certified therapy dogs to campus throughout the semester.

Illinois State students report stress as one of their top impediments to academic success. While stress is a necessary part of life, too much of it can be harmful. Research shows that for some, just a few minutes of petting a dog can lower the body’s level of cortisol, the body’s stress hormone. Reducing cortisol levels lowers your blood pressure and helps you feel relaxed. Lessening your stress will allow you to be able to focus better on studying and projects.

What: Certified therapy dogs, coloring, and other stress-relieving activities and information
When: Wednesday, April 2 from 3 to 5 p.m.
Monday, May 5 from 2 to 6 p.m. **Finals week with chair massage!**
Tuesday, May 6 from 2 to 6 p.m. **Finals week with chair massage!**
Chair massage provided by certified massage therapists from Aches Away.
Where: Third floor, Milner Library
Cost: Free
Registration: None needed

Additional stress relief tips and information are available online. To see photos from previous PAWSitively Stress Free events, visit