Finding a job after college can be a challenge in today’s marketplace. Employers are looking for the “perfect fit,” which can make finding a job difficult for new graduates with little to no real-world experience.

Illinois State University’s Career Center provides assistance for recent graduates and alumni seeking a job, looking for meaningful work, or otherwise undergoing a career transition.

Recent graduates of Illinois State University (from date of graduation up to five years) have access to a variety of services for their specific career needs. That includes helping you connect with employers and other Redbirds to build networks that enhance your career and professional development, plus other career resources, events, and job postings. The Career Center is available to help recent graduates prepare for and make the transition to careers and graduate or professional school.

Career fairs are available to all alumni free of charge and held throughout the year. Recent alums can determine how the Career Center can help meet their individual career and job search needs by selecting from the following alumni package options.

Take advantage of the helpful career resources available at your alma mater. Learn more by visiting the Career Center online or by calling (309) 438-2200.