This article originally appeared in The LINK, the online newsletter from the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology. CTLT’s coordinator for programming and faculty development, Julie-Ann McFann, explains a new way to connect Summer Institute workshops with faculty members’ teaching goals.

Beginning with this year’s Summer Institute, the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology is introducing a new way of “tagging” our events as to how they relate to eight approaches to teaching and your own teaching development plan.

Photo of Julie-Ann McFann

Julie-Ann McFann, Ph.D.,
programming and faculty
development coordinator

We frequently receive questions from instructors who would like to know what workshops we offer on a particular teaching approach. We’ve generally answered the questions as they’ve come to us, but by tagging each of our events, faculty will now be able to see easily how each event fits in with their teaching development goals and plan accordingly.

The eight approaches to teaching that we are using as our framework are based on research conducted by The IDEA Center, creators of the Student Ratings of Instruction instrument used by the College of Applied Science and Technology, the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), and the Faculty Survey of Student Engagement (FSSE). As we all know, the teaching-learning process does not happen in a vacuum and can’t always be neatly categorized. However, we believe the eight approaches to teaching framework captures the primary areas identified as important for teaching effectiveness and student engagement and will help you achieve your teaching goals.

Some of CTLT’s Summer Institute workshops are filling fast. You can also browse and register for workshops by category. If you need an accommodation to fully participate in an event, please contact the main desk at (309) 438-2542.