How can we best serve the learning needs of students? This question informs all educator preparation programs at Illinois State University.

In this issue of The Statewide Standard, we share stories of how faculty and staff in the College of Education are continuously renewing the curricula and practices used to prepare competent, risk-taking educational leaders who inspire their students and colleagues.

First, we share the story of an innovative partnership between the College of Education and one of the University’s Laboratory Schools, Metcalf School. This model has provided our candidates with valuable clinical experiences where they apply assessment practices with students prior to student teaching. Next, we report on how the Department of Special Education has taken a proactive approach to program redesign by seeking out feedback from alumni and school partners to anticipate the needs of the profession. Finally, we reveal how Illinois’ new, more targeted endorsement requirements for principals and similar positions provided the impetus for reinvigorating our own principal preparation program in the Department of Educational Administration and Foundations. This important update to the profession has enabled us to focus more intently on preparing educators who are committed to serving in specific administrative leadership roles within PreK-12 schools.

These stories demonstrate the College of Education’s dedication to evaluating and updating our preparation programs and setting high standards for aspiring educators. The value of this work is reflected in the accomplishments of our outstanding alumni, whose commitment to serving the needs of all learners has made them among the most highly sought-after and respected educators in the field.

We continually strive to deliver valuable information and stories that are pertinent to our alumni and partners. If you have any comments about this issue or suggestions for future content, please contact me at or (309) 438-2453.


Perry L. Schoon

Dean, College of Education