Here is the Metcalf Laboratory School (MLS) and Fairchild Hall (FH) occupant notification on upcoming asbestos abatement:

FH hallway 130: This is the first floor north/south hallway connecting MLS to FH. There will be a contractor beginning work there on June 3 and finishing  on or before June 16. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • They will be setting up a full containment to remove the ceiling tiles in that hallway.
  • Access through or into the hallway will be shut down during this time.
  • The stairwell at the north end of the hallway will be closed during the project.
  • “Danger asbestos” signs will be posted at each entrance into the hallway.
  • Access to the pool area will not be restricted other than the use of the stairwell to enter the building.
  • There will a third party asbestos project manager who will oversee the work of the contractor and provide air sampling during the entire project to ensure that the work is done in full compliance.
  • There may be an enclosed dumpster set along the chain-link fence in the back parking lot, and you may see workers in protective suits carrying waste to the dumpster in sealed bags.

Questions? Call Mark Gramley, industrial hygienist for Illinois State University’s Environmental Health and Safety office, at (309) 438-8326.