Wright Hall staff led the charge in providing individualized attention to residents as they began to prepare for final exam week.

Resident Assistant Breeanna Cannon wanted to provide her residents with a caring program to keep them going during finals week. She also wanted to make sure that every resident would be included, and they did not have to leave his or her room so they could continue to prepare for finals.

“My residents needed a boost as they prepared to take final exams. As I assessed the needs of my floor, I realized they needed a passive program that would lift their spirits and sooth their nerves heading into finals,” said Breeanna.

What better way than to deliver “stress management kits” to her floor. As a student, Breeanna understands that stress could be a barrier to academic success, especially during finals week.

Breeanna discussed the idea with her residence hall coordinator, Robert Braswell, who encouraged her to include the entire staff and all residents of Wright Hall. The Wright Hall staff loved the idea and willingly lent a helping hand as they assembled survival kits for the 350 Wright Hall residents.

Residents appreciated the stress management kits and were genuinely happy to be thought of during a stressful week. Several residents took the time to post their kits on Facebook with one post saying, “My RA is so cute for this (the kit). I love her.” While another said, “One of the things that makes ISU perfect. This note with all of these items were in a paper bag in front of our dorm when I got back last night.”

Each stress management kit included the following items and description:

Band Aid: To help you through the rough times

Paper clip: To hold things together

Rubber band: To help you to stretch beyond your expectations

Match: To light your fire when you feel burned out

Stick of gum: To remind you to stick to it

Eraser: To remind you that everyone makes mistakes

Snickers: To bring laughter to your life

Herbal tea bag: To provide you a natural lift

A Starburst: To give you a burst of energy on days when you don’t have any

Cotton ball: To give you cushion and support