Illinois State University’s Mennonite College of Nursing (MCN) has a history of association with groups who care for and serve people in need throughout the world. This tradition continues through the Transcultural Nursing Experience. This experience provides an avenue for personal and professional growth beyond the traditional boundaries of classroom and clinical practicums.

This year, six undergraduate students and one graduate student traveled to Brazil and three students traveled to England. They were asked to submit journals and photos of their experiences. Read about their experiences and adventures:

More photos from the Brazil and England trips can be seen on the MCN Flickr account.

“I am thrilled our students have this opportunity to travel to other countries and not only learn about how nursing care is the same but also how different it can be,” said Melissa Moody, transcultural coordinator. “It can definitely be a life-changing experience for some students, and they create new friendships and connections with the wonderful people they meet.”

MCN also participates in hosting visitors from other countries.

“We are currently hosting our second visiting scholar from Brazil, who will be here through August,” said Moody.

The first step beyond the traditional boundaries of the classroom and clinical sites was taken in January 1972, when students went to Harlan, Kentucky, for a six-week transcultural experience. Students and faculty worked with the Appalachian Regional Hospital System Home Health Service, where students participated in giving nursing care to individuals and families in the setting of their own homes. Due to the success of this experience, it was decided to continue offering different types of transcultural experiences.