ReggieNet will be offline for one day, Wednesday, August 13, so technicians can install and test an important software update. The patch will fix minor bugs and improve behind-the-scenes performance. During that day, ReggieNet will be unavailable to students and faculty.

“We realize it’s a burden for teachers to lose access to ReggieNet during the week before classes start,” says Claire Lamonica, director of the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology, “but we have only a small window of opportunity to put critical tweaks in place in time for the fall semester.”

The shutdown is scheduled to last all day on August 13. Users can monitor ReggieNet’s status at to find out when the upgrade is complete and the system is ready to use.

Faculty members who have worked on their ReggieNet course sites before August 13 don’t need to worry. No information will be lost as a part of the update. This update is smaller compared to a significant software upgrade in March, which added new features for teachers, including a new Lesson Builder tool.

“The August 13 patch will be more like ReggieNet’s back-to-school checkup,” Lamonica explains, “or better yet, a tune-up. This update will make some of ReggieNet’s existing tools work better, and it ensures that the platform will be robust and stable for those adopting it for their fall teaching.”

ReggieNet was launched in the 2011–2012 academic year. By fall 2013, 68 percent of courses offered at Illinois State University used ReggieNet to some extent; that number is above the national average for using a learning management system and is expected to grow again this semester.

More information about recent upgrades to ReggieNet, workshops and consultations for faculty, and how-to videos can be found by going to and clicking on the ReggieNet logo.

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