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Get moving with group fitness classes

There’s no doubt that the Student Fitness Center is state of the art, and staff members are always bopping around willing to help. Group fitness classes are a great way to add variety and motivation into your workout.

A comprehensive group fitness schedule can be found on the Campus Recreation website. Classes are offered seven days a week and are free to all students! Let’s take a look at some of them:Zumba animated GIF


Love to dance, but looking for a workout with a little more intensity? This is the class for you. This workout will give you a great sweat—it’s cardio and toning all in one, and a great substitute to the treadmill and sit-ups. And if Matt happens to be your instructor, you’re in luck. Tell him Olivia sent you. That man could rid the world of disease with his positive attitude!

Kettlebells animated GIF


If you want to kick up the intensity another notch, kettlebells is the right place to start. Much like dumbbells and barbells, kettlebells aid in building and toning muscle.

Their benefit comes in their structure. Kettlebells can be flipped, lifted, and swung in a variety of positions and stances that all work toward a full body workout. They’re available in a variety of sizes to accommodate every fitness level and to ensure a proper and safe workout. Remember: Heavier isn’t always better!

Yoga cat animated GIF


Need a break from the daily grind of the school week? Look no further. While the Student Fitness Center offers a variety of yoga classes, restorative yoga is by far the most relaxing option.

This calming class focuses on relaxation and meditation. If flexibility isn’t in your repertoire, this class isn’t the one to make you feel bad about it. Come here to relax, refresh and renew yourself, and leave with a sense of inner peace.

All of the classes the Student Fitness Center has to offer are great places to learn new exercises and even can be utilized as jumping-off points for your own personal workout.

Again, check out the class schedule list and get your money’s worth of free fitness!