Illinois State’s restrooms are becoming more inclusive of all persons regardless of gender identity and expression. Restroom signs that had been previously designated as “family” will now be identified as “all gender.”

According to Dave Bentlin of the University’s Triangle Association, the change will be inclusive of the transgender community. “Changing these family restrooms to gender-neutral facilities signals a continued effort on behalf of the University to make our campus a more welcoming place for all people,” said Bentlin. “It is a significant step that demonstrates the University is sensitive to and aware of the ever-increasing diversity of our campus community.”

The new signs will include silhouettes that include a woman, a man and a symbol that represents both men and women. “The only thing that will change is the new signage, with the Braille listed below,” said Shane McCreery, head of the University’s Office of Equal Opportunity, Ethics, and Access.

Twenty-four restrooms will be included in the change.