Leadership and Service, a unit of the Dean of Students Office, hosted Camp LEAD on August 12–13 for emerging leaders new to campus who wished to expand their leadership skills.

Students participated in several activities and icebreakers at Timber Pointe Outdoor Center and on campus that helped them meet other new students, form friendships, learn about involvement opportunities, and discover and advance their personal leadership style and skills.

Because Camp LEAD was held early this year, an added bonus for participants was the chance to move into the residence halls early. But moving in early was just one benefit of attending.

Freshman Cesar Herrera said the activities made him and other participants “more comfortable with each other and this new situation we were going to be in.”

“I learned that I fit well into a college setting, which was really comforting to know since I wasn’t really sure I would,” Herrera said.

Another surprise to attending Camp LEAD for Herrera was how welcoming and helpful everyone was that he encountered during the experience, noting that “everyone genuinely cares about us.”

“It’s nice knowing we have people on campus we can count on,” he said.

For information on other programs offered through the Dean of Students Office and Leadership and Service, call (309) 438-2008 or visit their offices in the Bone Student Center.