Mail to the Illinois State magazine editor for August 2014:

To the Editor,

I was pleased to see in the February 2014 issue the article concerning ISU’s support of veterans (“ISU among nation’s best in support of veterans”).

I enlisted in the Army for three years in 1953, mainly to qualify for the GI Bill. I entered ISNU in September 1956, graduated in August 1958, and taught 20 years in Illinois.

My military service, two night classes at another university’s overseas program, some proficiency tests, and two Army schools gave me a number of credit hours. I took a heavy load and attended summer schools.

I do not remember any veteran’s office as such back then, but I do recall the outstanding help the administration gave me in evaluating my various credits.

Retired U.S. Army Col. David Olson ’58

To the Editor,

The article in the alumni magazine on one-room schools is excellent (Feb. 2014). I do have a strong bias in favor of anything having to do with one-room schools. I never attended one, although an increasing number of people would probably say they thought I was old enough to have taught in one.

What makes the article exceptional, I think, is that you were able to interview those former teachers. Who knew anyone was still around who taught in a one-room school? That makes it much more than just a good article. I think it makes it an important article that deserves a wider audience even than the ISU alumni magazine has.

It amazes me that there is a one-room school on campus. I never knew that. Next time I get back to Illinois, I’m going to try to get in and see it.

Thanks for an excellent piece of work.

English Professor Emeritus Gerald Savage