Before crossing the commencement stage and becoming Illinois State’s newest alumni, graduating seniors take part in one final tradition—Senior Campaign. Students leave their legacy by making a gift to any area on campus that impacted their time as a Redbird.

Among those who have participated is College of Education graduate Aaron Von Qualen ’12, M.S. ’14.

“So many people have helped me get to where I am at today. I want to be that helpful person to others,” Aaron said.

He is especially interested in supporting scholarships, noting they continue to lift students well into the future.

Aaron is pleased to see that the number of students stepping up to support the University is on the rise. This past year more than 450 graduating seniors supported their passion. Their gifts totaled more than $9,000.

Senior Campaign encourages the newest of Illinois State’s graduates to pay it forward to future generations of students. To learn more about how students show their support for their university, visit

Will you make a difference as well by supporting your passion? Make a contribution online at or call (309) 438-8041.