Childhood schoolmates Alexis Carravetta and Jennifer Pomagier grew up playing basketball. They regularly competed against Jamie Greof, who attended a different school in the Chicago suburbs. Their friendly rivalry continued for years until they all joined forces to play Intramurals together at Illinois State University. The trio talked about their basketball present and past in the following Q-and-A.

How did all of you first meet?

“I started playing against Jennifer and Alexis in the fifth grade, and we played against each other all the way through high school,” Greof said. “Freshman year at ISU, Alexis joined the same sorority as me and lived next to me in the dorms. We first played together for a 3-on-3 Intramural basketball league.”

What is it that each of you like about being involved in Intramurals?

“Intramurals is a great stress reliever, and it is fun to all work together towards a common goal,” Carravetta said. “We’ve had some great times together, starting with winning our first league up to being part of a championship corec team last spring.”

“I transferred here, so I definitely wanted to get involved in the campus,” Pomagier said. “No one really cares if you win or lose. If you make a mistake, everyone will just laugh and we’ll joke about it.”

“I never imagined that growing up we’d become a team together someday,” Greof said. “I love the fact that we just have fun and it’s not taken too seriously. We just go out there to have a good time.”

What advice would you give someone interested in playing Intramurals?

“Do it,” Pomagier said. “Even if you don’t have a team, just ask random people because it’s something fun to do. It gets your mind off school and gives you a break.”

“I met lots of new people, and everyone around is nice and outgoing, so only good things came from my experience,” Carravetta said.

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