Illinois State University Police are urging students to be vigilant and avoid “distracted walking.”

Police are reminding students walking on campus to obey traffic signals, observe walk lights and use the designated crosswalks.

“We have already been seeing potentially dangerous situations with students walking into traffic, distracted by cell phones or music,” said Chief of Illinois State University Police Aaron Woodruff. “We are asking students to be aware of their surroundings, especially at crosswalks.”

Police also remind students of the state statutes for pedestrians:

  • When crossing at any place other than a marked or unmarked crosswalk, pedestrians must give the right-of-way to drivers. This includes between closely spaced intersections where traffic signals are in operation.
  • Pedestrians must not walk on a roadway unless there is no sidewalk or shoulder next to it.
  • Pedestrians must always obey railroad and bridge gates and other barriers.
  • Pedestrians must not cross intersections diagonally or suddenly leave a curb or other place of safety and walk or run into the path of a moving vehicle.

Drivers coming to campus are also urged to use caution and be aware of pedestrians. Drivers must come to a complete stop and yield to pedestrians at crosswalks. Drivers must also yield to pedestrians:

  • When a pedestrian is in an unmarked crosswalk on the driver’s side of the roadway and there are no traffic control signals.
  • When making a turn at any intersection.
  • When making a lawful turn on a red light after coming to a complete stop.
  • After coming to a complete stop at a stop sign or flashing red signal at an intersection.
  • When a pedestrian enters a crosswalk before the traffic light changed.
  • When a pedestrian is walking with a green light, to a walking person symbol or a walk signal.
  • When a pedestrian is leaving or entering a street or highway from an alley, building, private road or driveway.

“Violations of these statutes may result in a fine if not followed. But more importantly, they are sound, common sense rules for keeping everyone safe,” said Woodruff, who noted problems with cyclists and reminds all those on bicycles they must obey the same traffic laws as motorists while on the streets and yield to pedestrians on the sidewalks.

See the complete list of statues for pedestrians and divers and for bicyclists, or visit the University Police website for more information