Conflict can be quite challenging, which is why Community Rights and Responsibilities (CR&R) offers various services to aid students in addressing conflict issues. The following services may be utilized when a conflict arises:

• Arbitration provides a neutral third party (an arbiter) who is responsible for listening to both sides, asking clarifying questions, and determining a decision that the parties agree in advance to abide by.

• Conflict Coaching is a one-on-one discussion that aims to identify the resolution approach between a CR&R staff member and a student in conflict with another who is unwilling to engage in meaningful dialogue.

• Facilitated Dialogue is a constructive conversation between two or more students, guided by CR&R staff, to increase the potential that students will arrive at a mutually satisfying outcome.

• Mediation is a process in which CR&R staff provides suggestions or recommendations to students who identify their interests, needs, and resolution options.

• Restorative Justice (RJ) is a discussion process where a student or designated registered student organization (RSO) representatives meet with other community members in order to identify actions to repair harm done.

Community Rights and Responsibilities provides resources and educational opportunities for students to improve their conflict resolution skills. Staff can conduct workshops that can be tailored to meet the needs of resident assistants (RA) or student organizations in which conflict management can be discussed. For more information about conflict resolution, please contact Community Rights and Responsibilities at (309) 438-8621.