Interested in new workouts, easy recipes, ways to manage your stress, articles about wellness written by your peers, and winning free money?

Student Health 101 is a new free online magazine for students that encompasses all of those aspects and much, much more. Health Promotion and Wellness is partnering with Student Health 101 to bring this special e-magazine to Illinois State students.

Each month, a new issue will be delivered right to your Illinois State email inbox. Illinois State-specific issues can also be found online. Prefer to read on the go? Text ILLINOISSTATE to 40691 and get texts linked to the new issue when they are available. Current issues can be viewed at

Each issue will contain articles written by students from across the country under the supervision of an editorial board of health professionals. Topics covered are identified by students. All issues contain information about Illinois State-specific resources and wellness events, as well as ways for you to get involved in creating the magazine.

Your success is closely tied to your health and well-being. Be sure to use this e-magazine as just one more way to take care of yourself so that you can make the most of your school, work, and play.

What students from other schools have to say about Student Health 101:

Student Health 101 has changed the way I take on my challenges. You’re reinforcing positive habits or looking at the same situation with a different attitude. All the articles add value and resources for when I need to rethink something.” —Adam C.

“Building self-esteem and confidence, tips for landing the job you set your mind to, healthy meals on a college budget, and even bouncing back from a setback! All awesome stuff and well worth the read.” —Lindsay G.