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New group for male nurses forms at MCN

The first MCN Men in Nursing meeting was held September 2.

Instructional Assistant Professor Dave Jansen is spearheading a new group, Men of Mennonite College of Nursing. “As a male in the nursing profession, I wanted to put together a group that included students, alumni, and faculty that would address what it means to be a man in a profession where the majority is women,” said Jansen.

The group met for the first time September 2. The purpose of this group is for participants to share their thoughts and experiences about men in the nursing profession, to enjoy the company of male nursing students as well as those men who have established themselves as a professional nurse, and to learn more about the role of men in nursing from those who are active in the field.

Additional meetings are scheduled for October 7, November 4, and December 2. They will be held from noon 12–1 p.m. in Edwards Hall, Conference Room 112C. “I encourage male MCN students and alumni to join us and participate in this endeavor,” Jansen said.

For more information about the Men of Mennonite College of Nursing group, please contact Dave Jansen.