Nearly three out of four courses offered this semester are using ReggieNet, Illinois State University’s learning management system (LMS). That is a jump from 68 percent in the fall of 2013 and well above the national average for LMS usage at four-year institutions.

“ReggieNet is a highly customizable teaching tool,” says Claire Lamonica, director for the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology (CTLT). “Another big jump in the adoption rate shows that faculty are finding new and creative ways to use ReggieNet to enhance their teaching. We’re thrilled by these new numbers.”

Growth in ReggieNet usage is measured by comparing the number of courses being offered in given semester to the number of ReggieNet sites actually published by their instructors. Preliminary data for this fall indicate that 2,052 out of 2,770 courses, or almost 75 percent, had ReggieNet pages published by an instructor. Two years ago, the adoption rate was at only 58 percent.

The growing popularity of ReggieNet among teachers may reflect its popularity among students.

“When I talk to undergraduates about learning and technology, the number one comment I get is that they wish more of their instructors would use ReggieNet,” says Mark Walbert, associate vice president for Academic Technologies. “Even if it is just for communication or posting grades, students gain a sense of agency about their learning through online tools like ReggieNet.”

How to use ReggieNet, or whether to use it at all, is left up to individual faculty members. The Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology’s website features step-by-step guides to help instructors start and end each semester. CTLT also offers courses ranging from basic introductory workshops to in-depth training with online lesson building, communication, and assessment tools.

“I think people are surprised at just how flexible ReggieNet can be,” Lamonica says. “No LMS is perfect. We strive to help teachers understand their options so they can decide how best to incorporate ReggieNet into their teaching and learning, should they decide to do so.”

You can learn more about ReggieNet and CTLT’s workshops and services by going to and clicking on the ReggieNet logo.