What does it take to be a resident/community assistant at Illinois State University? Christyan King, a resident assistant in Wilkins Hall, says being able to be selfless and open to experiences: “Anyone that can put somebody’s priorities before their own will excel as a resident assistant or community assistant. You have to be willing to always learn and help others learn about themselves throughout their time at Illinois State University.”

University Housing Services is looking to find students who are interested in doing what King described. Resident assistants (RAs) and community assistants (CAs) are what make a housing area complete. They are the individuals who help facilitate personal development of residents, organize floor programs, uphold university rules and regulations, and develop a community atmosphere all while being role models for fellow students.

RAs and CAs

The 2014–2015 RA/CA team at the last day of fall training

What they get in return is the ability to gain valuable experiences in diversity, leadership, time management, ethics, crisis response, planning, and more. Current RAs and CAs are seen in various leadership roles throughout campus as well as being involved in service and leadership programs.

Those interested must meet several qualifications, including 24 hours of completed undergraduate course work, be in good standing with the University, hold a cumulative 2.4 GPA at the time of application, and be ready to commit. A full list of qualifications is listed at Housing.IllinoisState.edu.

Students can visit Housing.IllinoisState.edu to find the RA/CA application, reference form, and background check (available starting September 19). All forms must be completed by 4 p.m. October 10. All interested students must also attend an information session (dates/times are listed on the Housing website) to be considered for an RA/CA position.

Because of the time commitments and the nature of living in a spontaneous, unscheduled environment, students who are student teaching, employed outside of Illinois State, or hold internships are not allowed to serve as a RA or CA.

For more information or to have questions answered, please contact Robert Braswell or Lori Montoya.