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Alumni visit for Homecoming

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The Department of Philosophy welcomed three guest alumni back to Illinois State this past weekend for Homecoming and Alumni Day. Jim Jacobs ’73, Adriane Powell ’08, and Devon Hartwig ’14 joined us October 3 for a round-table discussion and reception.

Jacobs began studying at Illinois State in 1963 but interrupted his studies to spend four years in the U.S. Navy. “My first semester back, I was awakened to the ideas of philosophy by my PHI 101 instructor, Professor Bill Hanneford,” Jacobs said. ” The next semester, I declared philosophy as my major, and went at it with the joy of a newly opened mind. During my undergraduate career, I helped to organize Philosophy Club meetings, and delivered two original papers as part of the programs.”

Jacobs was a student representative to the University Curriculum Committee and was one of the first undergraduate teaching assistants. Jacobs graduated with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and a minor in sociology. He graduated with a 3.44 GPA and a 3.85 GPA in philosophy.

In 1984 Jacobs began working as the Philosophy Department secretary under Kent Machina. Subsequently, he worked in Undergraduate Evaluations, International Studies, and for the last 20 years in the Registrar’s Office. Jacobs retired in June after working at the University, a place he referred to as “home,” for 30 years.

Outside work Jacobs has spent many weekends playing in bands, exploring caves, bowling, and taking long bicycle rides with his wife, Marty. The couple lives in Normal.

Powell is assistant director in the office of alumni relations at Illinois Wesleyan University, where she specializes in building relationships with alumni across the country and the world. Working closely with staff in the office of advancement, she coordinates events to connect and engage alumni and friends. Powell manages approximately 100 volunteers from the Alumni Association board of directors and various alumni committees, including the Council for IWU Women, the Pride Alumni Community, and the Minority Alumni Network. She also leads the alumni office staff in planning Homecoming Weekend, an annual event that hosts over 1,000 alumni and friends each year.

Powell was a nontraditional student at Illinois State with two children at home. She is now an empty nester with two children attending college.

Hartwig graduated with a degree in philosophy and a minor in women’s and gender studies. She participated in Illinois State’s annual Social Justice Institute and she was chosen to present her paper “Moral and Motive” at the first undergraduate philosophy conference earlier this year. She has published two pieces for Thought Catalogue and now writes for DISfunkshion Magazine. In spring 2015 Hartwig will start a
master’s degree in social justice at Loyola University Chicago.