Are you getting ready to leave your apartment for fall and winter breaks? Students should check with their landlord about certain instructions before leaving for an extended period of time. Upon departure, it is recommended that students take the following precautions:

• Lock your doors and windows.
• Set your thermostat to a specific temperature, usually specified in the lease. Do not turn off the heat or set at a very low temperature, as this puts you at risk for frozen pipes and subsequent damage.
• Consider taking important valuables with you.
• Unplug any chargers.
• Pay rent and utilities.
• Take out your trash.
• Empty your mailbox.
• Do not pack belongings in your car the night before as this causes easy access for items to be stolen.
• Clean your refrigerator
• Inventory and document valuable items left in the apartment.

Look for Off-Campus Ambassadors in November and December, as they distribute more information to off-campus students on this topic, as well as information about parking bans that occur during snowfall.

With winter weather quickly approaching, it is important to be aware of Town of Normal parking procedures. If the Town declares a snow ban, no automobile is permitted to park on the street. Any cars left on the street will be ticketed. Snow bans exist so that snow plows can easily and safely plow the streets when it is snowing.

For more advice on preparing for breaks or winter parking bans, call Leadership and Community Connections at (309) 438-7346.