Through a variety of services, programs, and support, the Dean of Students Office helps students find their way along their journey at Illinois State. In order to better serve our students, the Dean of Students office recently combined some of our areas. We are excited to announce the following units:

Student Activities and Involvement (SAI)
• Composed of the unit formerly known as the Student Involvement Center, as well as Welcome Week, University Program Board, and Up Late at State, this unit focuses on providing quality programs for our students.

Leadership and Community Connections (LCC)
• Composed of the unit formerly known as Leadership and Service, as well as Nontraditional Student Services, Off-Campus Services, and Transfer Student Services, this unit offers leadership development and volunteer opportunities as well as specialized services to connect students to campus.

Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution (SCCR)
• Formerly known as Community Rights and Responsibilities, this unit aids students in their understanding of their responsibilities as an Illinois State student and provides them with resources to resolve their own disputes.

The following units remain unchanged, but will continue to serve the needs of Illinois State students in the following ways:

Fraternity and Sorority Life
• Supports Illinois State fraternities and sororities and their governing councils by assisting with academic achievement, leadership development, and community service.

Diversity Advocacy
• Works to foster an inclusive environment for all and raise cultural awareness across campus for students, faculty and staff.

Graduation Services
• Plans the University’s commencement ceremonies.

Students’ Attorney
• Offers students the legal information and guidance they need to help resolve their concerns.

Parent and Family Services
• Provides parents and families with the support they need to stay informed and connected with Illinois State.

The Dean of Students Office is excited about these new opportunities! For any questions, please call (309) 438-2008.