It’s college application season, and you’re probably being bombarded with dates to remember. There are dates when applications are open, dates they close, and deadlines for scholarships and Honors Programs. If you’re considering even more than a couple schools, this can get very confusing!

So let’s make this easy on you: At Illinois State, our preferred filing date, November 15, is THE most important date to remember during the application process. You should submit your application for admission by this date. Here’s why:

— Best chance to be admitted. After November 15, much of our freshman class is filled and space considerations become a bigger part of the admission equation.

— Earlier admission decision. Applying by November 15 guarantees that you will have an admission decision by December 31. This gives you plenty of time to visit again and make an informed decision about college by May 1.

— Scholarships are available. We have three merit-based scholarships that are highly competitive. You need to be admitted in order to apply for those scholarships by early January.

— Keeps you on track. Additional deadlines for your college search will start to pile up once January arrives. An early admission decision means that you will be on track to meet all future deadlines for financial aid, housing, and meal plans.

— Competitive majors. Some majors fill very quickly at Illinois State, so you want to apply early to ensure your application is considered for your major.

— Your time. Senior year is a fun time in high school. Complete your application early so you can enjoy the rest of your senior year.

Start your application today! Just because the deadline is November 15 doesn’t mean you should wait until November 14 to apply. You never know what might come up during that 24-hour period that could prevent you from completing your application by the deadline.

If you have any questions about the application or retaking the ACT, contact the Office of Admissions by email at or by phone at (800) 366-2478. We are happy to answer your questions and help you through the process!

Molly Davis is the Office of Admissions publications editor. She can be reached at