Students’ Attorney Ed McKibbin is a licensed attorney who offers free, expert advice and guidance to students in legal situations. The Students’ Attorney can help students with landlord/tenant issues, credit concerns, personal injury, contracts, and domestic or family issues.

Rebecca Mathis, a senior health education major, visited the Students’ Attorney office when she had a misunderstanding with her lease: “The Students’ Attorney was very helpful and gave me insight on a topic I wasn’t very familiar with. He also prepared me for the next steps and gave extra guidance.”

Before signing a lease or any other legal document, or to receive guidance about a legal situation, consult the Students’ Attorney. McKibbin wants students to know they can visit him about any concern. He said, “There are no bad questions, so talk with me in person about your concern, even before an issue may arise.”

Scheduled appointments are required to meet with the Students’ Attorney. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact the Students’ Attorney at (309) 438-2008.

Marie Huels contributed to this article.