The fraternal community came together October 10–11 to participate in the Emerging Greek Leader Retreat. One participant from each sorority and fraternity was selected to represent their chapter. The purpose of the retreat was to educate fraternities and sororities on what it means to a part of the fraternal community.

Lauren Gill, a member of Alpha Delta Pi (ADPI), was thrilled to be nominated to represent her sorority. She joined ADPi last year and was excited to meet other members of fraternal life and learn about their perspectives.

During the retreat, groups were formed to discuss challenges that sororities and fraternities are facing, as well as come up with solutions to those problems. While discussing challenges, the topic of fraternal stereotypes surfaced. Gill said the students brainstormed and thought it might be beneficial to create an educational workshop that would focus on “Greek unity, respect, and understanding.”

Gill felt a strong connection with members of all the councils present at the retreat: “It was amazing to see how one big community came together and bonded. We truly are all a family.” She couldn’t wait to get back on campus to share her experiences with her sorority, as she felt “inspired” from the Emerging Greek Leader Retreat.

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