Shortly before the Illinois State football game began September 27, College of Applied Science and Technology history was being made in the President’s Suite of Hancock Stadium. Emeriti faculty and friends from the Department of Technology presented President Larry Dietz with a check in recognition of their outstanding efforts to raise over $1 million.

You read that correctly, $1 million.  It all started, three and a half years ago with a group of faculty and friends of the Department of Technology—Paul Brauchle; Hank Campbell; William LaBounty, M.A. ’74; Wayne Lockwood; Franzie Loepp; Ken Stier, Ph.D. ’89; Joe Talkington; and former chair Rick Boser—decided to lead a charge to ensure the financial future of the department and to create a legacy for the many faculty who laid the foundation for what the department is and offers today. By mid-September of this year, they did just that; they met their goal of raising $1 million in endowment dollars. To date, the department now has 22 endowed funds, of which only five are under the $25,000 threshold.

All emeriti/friend members have created and funded named endowments, often giving generously of their own resources as well as encouraging others with interest in preserving their legacy to do the same. These efforts have already made a significant impact on the resources available to fund both student activities and scholarships, program enhancement funds, and faculty professional development.

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