It’s unusual for two siblings to both play collegiate athletics at the same time, for the same program. It’s rarer still for those siblings to just not play, but thrive.

That’s exactly what Dalton and Jaelyn Keene are doing this fall at Illinois State. Dalton’s football team is off to its best start (7-0) since 1932, and Jaelyn’s volleyball team is in the midst of a 13-match winning streak.

“What’s really interesting about them is they’re both making an impact at a pretty young age in their athletics careers,” said Athletics Director Larry Lyons.

The Keenes grew up playing sports together in Jacksonville, Illinois. Dalton came to Illinois State first, followed this year by Jaelyn. They live in the same residence hall in West Campus, have a class together this semester, and even help each other with errands and laundry.

Watch the video above to learn more about the Keenes and why they chose Illinois State Athletics.

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