A look at some Themed Living-Learning Community program highlights from October and November.

Substance Free comic bulletin board

Each month, Substance Free TLLC Resident Assistant (RA) Stephen Ramberg creates a bulletin board with the help of his residents that helps educate his floor on the danger of using certain drugs. For the month of October, Stephen and his residents created a comic strip about the effects of bath salts. Given that October includes Halloween, Stephen and his residents decided to focus on how bath salts can create the effect of making people seem zombie-like.

Bird Hunt (scavenger hunt): Teacher Education floor

“This program was a scavenger hunt where four teams of four to five residents competed to finish the hunt in the fastest manor possible. Of the 15 items on the list, most were based around the field of education or places that would enhance their experience at ISU. These items included the Lauby Education Center, Studio TEaCH, Dean of Students Office, the Atrium Lounge, and the top floor of the Bone Student Center.

The participants were told to take pictures with all group members with the listed item to verify that they had indeed found each one. Residents Stephanie Slager, Katie McKeown, Kaitlyn LaFrence, and Mallory Kini uploaded their pictures to our Facebook group as a way to show how much fun they had.”
—Chad Cleveland, Teacher Education RA

What are the residents saying?

“This was a fun, competitive experience. I enjoyed going around campus and learning where stuff was. Being in different, assigned groups allowed us to get to know different people on our floor. This was a fun program.”
—Katie McKeown, Teacher Education floor resident

“The Bird Hunt was a lot of fun and people got really into it. The Bird Hunt was helpful for the Teacher Education floor because we learned where Studio TEaCH is located. This is an important place that will be useful for us throughout college. Also, we learned a little history about ISU through the Bird Hunt such as where Old Main can be found. Overall, the Bird Hunt was educational and fun.”
—Kaitlyn LaFrence, Teacher Education floor resident

Halloween door decorating contest: Teacher Education floor

“This program was designed as a way for the floor to have a friendly competition and create an inviting atmosphere for the floor. Residents were supplied several different materials as well as whatever they wanted to supply themselves. The residents were given roughly 35 minutes to complete their doors. Kyle Miller, the Teacher Education floor faculty mentor, and I judged these doors and gave each door a different award as each was different and amazing!”
—Chad Cleveland, Teacher Education RA

What are the residents saying?

“The door decorating contest was a very cool experience to be involved in. I learned a lot about teamwork by participating in this event and I also learned about time management. This event also helped me develop better leadership skills as I directed people on what to do at times because I had our sample pictures of what we wanted the door to look like. This activity related to the floor’s theme because it brought out our creativity, and I have to use that when creating lesson plans in the future. This activity also deals with being a team player which is a key skill we will also have to implement into our teaching and teach our students later in life.”
—Jennifer Carey, Teacher Education floor resident

“I enjoyed the door decorating contest very much! I feel that this experience was very fitting for our floor. Teachers decorate the doors in their classroom all the time, and this experience helped us to get ideas for our future doors as teachers. From this experience, I was able to learn how to be more creative. I wanted to make something that was cute, but would please everybody. (I had candy on my door.) I think that this experience was very fun and beneficial!”
—Stephanie Slager, Teacher Education floor resident

Bird Hunt scavenger hunt

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Halloween door decorating contest

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